Wine Tours

in Beaujolais & Mâconnais

Wine Tours

in Beaujolais & Mâconnais

Group Wine Tours

Alone, as a couple, as friends,
Pick a date and join a group
for a day or half a day discovering the wine region.

Tailor-Made Wine Tours

You are already a formed group and you want
a private wine tour or even create your own activity.
Contact me for a tailor-made solution


For an after seminar activity, an afternoon of discovery,
a great moment between colleagues.
We will build together the perfect activity for your team.

Our Wine Tours



Kingdom Of Gamay

(Half-Day Beaujolais)



Half a day inside a wine region famous in the whole world for its Beaujolais Nouveau. You’ll discover its
other facets: its hilly landscapes, its authentic crus and a unique way to make wine.

Home of the Chardonnay

(Half-Day Mâconnais)


Half a day into the “sunny” South-Burgundy. We’ll discover the home land of the famous Lamartine, the
village of Chardonnay and the Roche de Solutré. The tour will be organised around tastings at some of the
best wineries of the region.


From Gold to Rubis

Day trip to the Mâconnais and Beaujolais


This day trip, will help comprehend and discover all the specificities of those 2 wine regions. You will
meet some of the talents working in the area. During the Wine Tour, you will discoverer some beautiful
landscapes as well as taste and learn about some Chardonnay and Gamay crus.

The easiest way into the vineyard


You are interested in one of the tours and you want to join in? That’s easy ! Check the
availibilities, pick your date in the calendar on the website and follow the instructions.


Follow The Guide !

You’re shy about knocking at the wineries’ door ?

You want to learn more about wine making and tasting ?
Beaubourg Wine Tour is there to drive you to selected wine makers and bring you some more knowledge about wine whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

No worries, I’m taking care of everything !

Driving you, choosing the right wineries, organising, translating and teaching for you to enjoy
your visit.
With Beaubourg Wine Tour, I’ll teach you the history of the surroundings, the specificities of a
“terroir”, and the technics needed to make great wine.
You will enjoy some affordable “crus” and understand the work behind them.
With Beaubourg Wine Tour, no school class but learning through conversation, questions and